Scavenger Hunt Easter Ideas for Food Allergies: Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free Easter Candy Basket Alternatives

Easter egg hunts are a fun activity for families to engage in during this chocolate filled holiday. However, for children with dairy, egg and peanut allergies, the treasure hunt could easily turn into a trip to the emergency room if care is not taken to ensure they do not come into contact with food allergens. To ensure a happy treasure hunting outcome, consider these alternatives to the traditional Easter eggs.

Allergen Free Easter Candy

To stay as true as possible to the traditional egg hunt, purchase allergen free Easter eggs. There are many children’s dairy free Easter eggs and nut free candies and chocolates on the market today.

Plan to buy dairy free chocolates and egg free treats early enough before the Easter holiday as they may not be readily available in your local stores and may need to be shipped from somewhere else.

Food Allergy Easter Basket Toys

Plan a treasure hunt that involves finding small inexpensive toys and knick-knacks rather than candy and chocolates. Suggestions for items to hunt for include little cars, stickers, miniature dolls, trinkets, and stuffed Easter bunnies. These can be bought at discount stores and will make for an exciting treasure hunt.

Be creative and wrap them in paper mache Easter eggs. Place the toys inside the balloon when making the Easter eggs so that the toy is inside the finished paper mache egg. The excitement of breaking open an “egg” to see what toy it contains will make for an interesting food allergy egg hunt.

Easter Basket Food Ideas for Children with Food Allergies

Make a treasure hunt that is based on other kinds of sweet treats like vegan Easter cookies. Use bunny shaped or egg shaped cookie cutters to make cookies which can be baked and decorated with allergen free frosting. Pack them carefully in colorful cellophane paper and hide as if they were real Easter eggs.

Have a Raffle Easter Treasure Hunt Instead

Have an Easter treasure hunt that involves a raffle for various prizes determined by total points retrieved in the hunt. Buy plastic Easter eggs and place a ticket number in each egg that adds up or subtracts points to win a prize. These could be anything from a trip to a favorite park, toys, clothing or change for a piggy bank.

Families with children who have food allergies need not miss out on the thrill of an Easter treasure hunt. Be creative and plan a scavenger hunt for items that will please children whether or not they get to indulge in some candy and chocolate.

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