Spice up Easter With Romantic Gift Baskets: Lingerie, Candles, Hot Flicks, and Whatever Else the Heart Desires

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the only time couples can celebrate in between birthdays and anniversaries. Easter can make for a great time as well.

When couples get into the Easter spirit with a sense of romance, things can heat up fast.

Celebrate This Easter With Victoria’s Secret

For those who love lingerie, Easter can be an extra special time. Throw some candles in the Easter basket, maybe some bath stuff, and an exciting evening only gets better.

The only question is, how much is too much, and for most couples on a special night, too much is usually just fine.

Provocative Films Can be the Ticket for the Movie Lover’s Easter Basket

Behind closed doors, anything goes between consenting adults, and Easter is no exception. One movie that is sure to rev up the night is The Secretary, a 2002 film starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader.

Based on a short story by Mary Gaitskill, this romantic dramedy is sure to bring good laughs and a general satisfaction to couples looking for a great movie and a good time.

But do not let one recommendation be the movie of choice alone. With so many films for such wide tastes, The Secretary might be the absolute worst choice for some couples just as 9 1/2 Weeks would not cut it for others.

When it comes to movies, couples should kick back, relax, and get into whatever helps them get in the mood.

For Those Who Need a Little More, Easter Will Not Fall Short

If lingerie and hot movies don’t do the trick, couples need not over think the evening. For extroverts, who derive stimulation from being around others, going out to a dance club with friends can be the perfect prefect to an Easter night’s conclusion.

For those who dig on adrenaline, hitting up a theme park, mountain bike trail, or skate park may do the trick as well.

Art lovers may feel an extra special night coming on when the day is spent at a museum, reading poetry, or taking a sketching class.

And for those who want to stay in, there are still more ideas. Specialty shoppes for adults have a wide variety of games that will prove to make Easter (and many other nights) very exciting.

There are no limits when it comes to making Easter special. And while lingerie in a candlelit bedroom complemented with fresh fruit and champagne will do it for some, a great movie with Easter candy will do it for others. And for those that need to get out to enjoy being in at the end of the night, the options truly are endless.

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