TV Easter Special Review – The Easter Chipmunk: Alvin and the Chipmunks Easter Holiday Special for Children

Parents searching for quality holiday entertainment for children may be overwhelmed by the number of Easter holiday specials available and not know which are appropriate to show to children and which are worth buying.

The 1995 Chipmunks’ Easter cartoon special The Easter Chipmunk is good fun for parents who like the Chipmunks’ brand of mischief. Other parents may not want to expose children to Alvin’s schemes, even though he does have to make amends at the end. Unless families already enjoy watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, parents should check this animated Easter television special out first by renting it before buying it.

The Easter Chipmunk – Easter Cartoon Special Plot

When Alvin comes to suspect that his grandfather may have been the original Easter Bunny (or Easter Chipmunk, as it were), he will stop at nothing to confirm the news and reclaim the position from Mr. Hoppity, the Easter Bunny. Although they caution Alvin not to jump to conclusions, Simon and Theodore come along for the ride and help to solve the mystery of the Easter Chipmunk.

The Easter Chipmunk – TV Easter Special Review for Parents

Some parents may not find Alvin a very good role model for children. He shows some disrespect for elders (at first he doubts that his grandfather was the Easter Chipmunk and implies that the old chipmunk is nuts) and then, once he really gets going, he shows little consideration for others or the actual truth in his quest to prove that he is right.

Alvin’s personality flaws (which are inherent in his character and certainly on display in many other episodes from the Alvin & the Chipmunks tv show!) are at least balanced by the positive qualities demonstrated by the other two chipmunks, such as Simon’s intelligence. Other content that parents may find inappropriate, however, includes the use of the phrase “sucking up” and the way the three chipmunks make a big mess in Dave’s kitchen and push and shove each other while dyeing Easter eggs.

The animation of this Easter television special is smooth, though of the quality a viewer would expect to find in a typical Saturday morning cartoon. Made in 1995, the show does contain some dated references that will stick out to an adult viewer, such as a spoof of The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, a security guard who talks like Jack Nicholson to set up an A Few Good Men parody in the third act courtroom scene (“You can’t handle the truth!”), and the appearance of a cassette tape player.

The Mystery of the Easter Chipmunk DVD

This holiday special is available on a Paramount Home Video DVD, The Mystery of the Easter Chipmunk, along with four classic episodes from the old Alvin and the Chipmunks ’80s Saturday morning cartoon. Since the holiday special is not quite 22 minutes long and the rest of the cartoon episodes included are not Easter-themed, families interested only in Easter specials will be better off renting this DVD or checking it out from the library.

Alvin & the Chipmunks Easter Activities for Kids

Instead of just watching this Easter cartoon special, use it as an inspiration for some fun Easter kids’ activities:

  • Simon constructs a quirky machine for painting Easter eggs, and Bunny Central is also full of mechanized assembly lines to organize robot egg-laying chickens. Challenge children to design and use craft materials to build their own models of machines that can perform some Easter-related activity, like decorating Easter eggs or making Easter candy.
  • Part of the mystery of the Easter Chipmunk hinges on the identity of an animal in an old photo in which the tail and ears of the animal cannot be seen. Look at pictures of real rabbits and chipmunks with children and discuss the difference between the tails and ears of the two kinds of animals. Then have kids draw pictures of what they imagine Easter Bunnies, Easter Chipmunks, and other Easter animals to look like.
  • Young children will enjoy dressing up like bunnies and hopping around, pretending to deliver Easter eggs like Alvin and Mr. Hoppity.

For the most part, The Easter Chipmunk is good, clean fun. Parents will want to make sure afterward that younger, more impressionable viewers do not copy Alvin’s bad behavior and that children understand why the way he acted was wrong at times.

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