Unique Easter Eggs for Easter Egg Hunts: How to Plan Fun Easter Activities for Children

Often the organizers of Easter egg hunts fill plastic Easter eggs with small trinkets, toss them randomly around on the grass (or an indoor gym floor), and let children scoop the eggs up by the armful while the organizers call it a day. Meanwhile, back at home, a family might replicate the same process, with parents tossing armfuls of dyed hard-boiled eggs outside for children to “find.”

Adults wanting to plan Easter hunts that are more challenging and creative can check out the following ideas for unique Easter eggs to use in fun Easter activities for children.

Camouflage Easter Eggs

To make an Easter egg hunt harder for older children, use camouflage Easter eggs. Dye hollow or hard-boiled eggs in shades of green, yellow, and brown to make them blend into the grass and ground. Paint them brown, gray, or black so they can pass as rocks. Creative painters can even paint eggs to look like earth-toned and blotchy camouflage print.

Easter hunt organizers searching for already-camouflaged eggs can get WONKA® Egg Hunt eggs, which are prefilled plastic Easter eggs that come in shades of brown, green, and gray, and are textured to look like dirt, grass, or rocks.

Unique Ways to Hide Novelty Easter Eggs

Children are used to searching for eggs on the ground, but how many think to look up? Eggs that do not weigh much can be hung from tree branches with strings or taped onto ceilings or walls. Use eggs that have been blown hollow, empty plastic eggs, or 3-D foam eggs.

Parents who want to create a challenging Easter egg hunt can also get a set of WONKA® Egg Hunt Zero Gravity eggs. Each set of prefilled plastic Easter eggs comes with one egg with a string, one with a suction cup, and one with a sticky adhesive patch.

Toy Easter Eggs

For younger children hunting Easter eggs, hide cute eggs that will be fun to play with once they are found. A Silly Putty egg will be played with all year round, as will the bouncy, glow-in-the-dark, rubber Unbreakable Eggs offered at the HearthSong Web site. Similar Glow-In-The-Dark Swirl Egg-Shaped Balls are sold at the Oriental Trading Web site.

Young kids will also enjoy the plastic Candy-Filled Bug Eggs sold at the Oriental Trading Web site. Four foam and plastic egg-shaped bugs are available – a green beetle, a ladybug, a bee, and a butterfly.

Fun Egg-Related Easter Activities for Children

Sometimes the fun does not stop after an Easter egg has been found. Parents can hide eggs with which children can later perform an enjoyable or educational activity.

For example, a Grow a Chick egg from the HearthSong Web site looks identical to a real egg. Once it is placed in water, however, it cracks open within a day and a chick toy “hatches” out and “grows.”

Egglings also look just like normal eggs. Then, a child cracks an Eggling open and waters the dirt inside. Soon the child has grown an herb or a flower!

Parents and other adults can use the above ideas to plan an Easter egg hunt that children will remember for years to come. Kids will enjoy the challenge of tracking down uniquely hid eggs and then playing with the toy Easter eggs or other kinds of eggs they find.

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